Introduction To C

Introduction to C Language

C is a programming language developed at AT & T’s Bell Laboratory of USA in 1972. It was design and written by a man named Dennis Ritchie.

Soon C becomes so popular  without any advertisement and even it was not made Bell’s Laboratory’s official language.

The reason behind this is because it is so reliable, simple and easy to use.

Why to Learn C ?

  • C is very important to learn because nobody can learn C++ or Java directly. This is  because while learning these languages you have things like classes, objects, inheritance, template etc to deal with apart from knowing the actual language elements. So learning these complicated concepts when you are not even comfortable with the basic language elements is like putting the cart before the horse.
  • Another reason to learn C is C++, C#, Java make use of a principle called Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to organize the program. But even using these organizing principles you would still need a good hold over the language elements of ‘C’ and the basic programming skills.
  • And you know, major parts of popular operating systems like windows, UNIX, LINUX are still written in C. This is because even today when it comes to performance nothing beats C.
  • And also if one is to extend the operating system to work with new devices driver, one needs to write device driver programs. These programs are exclusively written in C.


Important Things to Know Before Going Further

1. Data-Type : Data type is the type of data that a variable will store. On declaring a variable, we have to define it’s data type. To tell the compiler, what type of value the variable will store. Learn More►►

2. Variables : A variable is an entity that may change during program execution. variables names are names given to locations in memory. These locations can contain integer, real or character constants. Learn More►►

3.Constants : A constant is an entity that cannot be change during program execution. There are two types of constants in C.

  • Primary Constants (integer, real or character).
  • Secondary Constants (Array, pointer, structure, Union etc).

Learn More►►

4.  Keywords : Keywords are the words that are pre-define to the compiler. There meaning has already explained to C compiler. And there are 32 keywords available in CLearn More►►

Features of C

  • C is a general purpose programming language especially designed for programmers.
  • C is a middle level language. It supports both low level programmers and high level programmers equally.
  • It contains 32 keywords.
  • C is a structured programming language.
  • C is a portable language.


Let’s Start Coding and Write Your First C Program

►► Your First C Program


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