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Best Way to Learn C Programming Language

Learning a language is not so difficult. The only thing this needs is your full concentration and passion about coding. You must first set your mind and start taking interest in the coding. And then it will be all fun to learn any programming language.

You all must be aware of the fact that the first step towards learning something new involves finding out the best possible way in which to begin. This can be quite a difficult and time consuming task and often becomes the deciding factor with regards to whether or not you continue with your pursuit. Continue reading Best Way to Learn C Programming Language


Keywords In C Language

Keywords are the words whose meaning has already being explained to the C Compiler. Simply say, Keywords are Predefined words. The Keywords cannot be used as variable names because if we do so, we are trying to assign a new meaning to the keyword, which is not allowed by the compiler. Some compiler may allow, but it would be safer not to mix up the variable names and the keywords. The Keywords are also called ‘Reserved Words’.  Continue reading Keywords In C Language

Variables In C Language

An entity that may vary during program execution is called a ‘Variable’. Variables names are names given to locations in memory. These locations can contain integer, real or character constants. In any language, the types of variables that it can support depends on the types of constants that it can handle. Variable names are just symbolic representation of the memory location. Continue reading Variables In C Language

The Power of C Language

For a programmer the C Language is a must known language. I think it’s a base for becoming a good programmer. As I feel that after learning the C language it becomes quite easy to learn coding in another languages. It takes us to the close of what programming is all about. And I became the fan of Denis Ritchie after learning about pointers, I mean what he gave us. It’s justa like controlling one’s body through his/her mind. I made many of viruses using the pointers, just to make my friends fool or for enjoying the power of C. And in the process I learnt allot about the C Language. Continue reading The Power of C Language