Way to Learn C Programming Language

Best Way to Learn C Programming Language

Learning a language is not so difficult. The only thing this needs is your full concentration and passion about coding. You must first set your mind and start taking interest in the coding. And then it will be all fun to learn any programming language.

You all must be aware of the fact that the first step towards learning something new involves finding out the best possible way in which to begin. This can be quite a difficult and time consuming task and often becomes the deciding factor with regards to whether or not you continue with your pursuit.

You may have found hundreds of free C learning resources around the web and have observed many different opinion about dozens of frameworks. For a beginner in programming, it is must to first learn the basics of languages as how to write code, how coding works etc. And for basics C language is there. C is the language which is basics for any other language. If you learned C language perfectly then you can learn any other language like C++ or Java etc very easily. And also C is very powerful language in itself.

Finally, if you have decided to learn C programming language, at first, you might not be clear on where to start. This is where this article will come to your rescue. It will take you through various, time tested approaches, through which, you can learn C in the most effective manner.


How Hard Is It To Learn C

C is a structured-oriented programming language and is not very difficult to learn. It does not require any prior programming experience to learn C coding. The fastest way to learn C is to start learning by doing it.

Step 1: Make Up Your Mind – Ignore the Critics

Not every person loves C programming and hence, they will try their level best to deter you from learning the language. It is true that the world of programming is flooded with different competing languages and it is not really possible to pick the one which is the best. A language which works perfectly for you might not serve the same purpose for someone else.

Hence, instead of paying attention to what the critics of C have to say, you must focus all your attention on learning the language you picked.

Step 2: Install MS-DOS Turbo C++

To learn coding perfectly is by doing it. So install the Turbo C++ and start learning C Language by making program in it. Compiler also provide learning more about functions in C and from which library they belongs. When you write any function in the compiler, take your cursor on it and then click CTRL + F1, there will be open a window that will tell you everything about that function and also show you more related functions.

Step 3: Learn C Fundamentals

The most logical way in which you can start learning C Language is to start with the fundamental concepts. In order to learn the basics of this programming language, you can make use of a free tutorial or can simply download a good e-book. The whole idea is to understand what C is all about before moving on to the advanced levels.

Some of the key concepts you must learn are :

Step 4: Read Some Good Books from Experts

There are many ways to learn C language. You can learn the language from the internet that will be ‘more than sufficient’ to learn C language completely. I also provided chapters of C Language from the very basics concepts. It will also a good option to learn from books.
Many great books are available for learning C Language, looking at the language from the point of view of an expert will help you a great deal. For this, start reading books which have been penned down by expert C programmers and professionals. This will help you gain an insight on the process of coding, as is done by experienced programmers. As a beginner I recommended you to first read the book “Let us C” by Yashavant Kanetkar and then start reading “C in Depth” by S. K. Srivastava and Deepali Srivastava to learn C Language easily and completely. If you do so then believe me you will have a great command over the C Language.

Although, the online e-books as well as tutorials will also help you learn C Language in a very effective manner.

Step 5: Start Creating a Simple Application Using Your Knowledge

Learning only the theoretical concepts of C will not help you become a programming expert. For this, you will be required to put the theory into practice as well. So, make use of the knowledge acquired by you and start creating a simple application. You can go for some simple coding exercises which will keep your motivation levels high.

By simple I do not mean a “Hello World”. I would recommend some exercises like below

Try some logic exercises like :

Try file input/output exercises like :

  • Read a file and display its content on console.
  • List all files in a directory.
  • Create a file with some content.
  • Read input from user on console.

Try String manipulation exercises like :

  • Find a string in large text.
  • Replace a part of string

Step 6: Go Next Level – Simple is not Enough

Once you are through with basic C coding exercises and have gained a comfort level in the usage of this language, you can move on to the next level and start creating programs which require more complex and advanced levels of programming. By doing this, you will get a good exposure of the real life complexity that a programmer faces.

At this level, I would recommend some exercises like below :

  • Build a number pyramid of any size based on input size.
  • Try creating a small text based 2 player game. (like Tic Tac Toe).

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