C Program to Print Out Fibonacci Series Using Recursion

As Ih told you about Fibonacci Series in my previous post. Here I am writing the program to print Fibonacci Series Using Recursion. Recursion is a technique in which function call itself. A program that calls itself is called recursive program.

Look at the Program  ►►

int Fibonacci(int);
void main()
   int n, i = 0, c;
   printf("Enter the Number of Terms\n");
   printf("Fibonacci series up to %d are :\n",n);
   for ( c = 1 ; c <= n ; c++ )
      printf("%d\n", Fibonacci(i));
int Fibonacci(int n)
   if ( n == 0 )
      return 0;
   else if ( n == 1 )
      return 1;
      return ( Fibonacci(n-1) + Fibonacci(n-2) );

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