C Language

The Power of C Language

For a programmer the C Language is a must known language. I think it’s a base for becoming a good programmer. As I feel that after learning the C language it becomes quite easy to learn coding in another languages. It takes us to the close of what programming is all about. And I became the fan of Denis Ritchie after learning about pointers, I mean what he gave us. It’s justa like controlling one’s body through his/her mind. I made many of viruses using the pointers, just to make my friends fool or for enjoying the power of C. And in the process I learnt allot about the C Language.

So guys I em going to share everything I learnt. I will show you the best tricks and the methods to make a program work faster and efficiently. Some shortcuts, and the cool way of coding. And Ya many of the viruses (for knowledge purpose) which will surely shocked you and make you to sit back and think again about the Power of C :D. And surely I will make it all very simple for you all. So be sure to follow the blog and keep ua self up to date to every single post.

Happy Coding 😉


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